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February 13, 2024

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GreatPoint Ventures (“GPV”), founded in 2015, partners with entrepreneurs and management teams to build innovative businesses.

In order to provide the best guidance to its 60+ companies both the investment and operations teams spent valuable time emailing CEOs for metrics, searching through financial documents, and managing multiple versions of spreadsheets.

As its portfolio scaled, GreatPoint wanted to increase operational efficiency in order to maximize time available to support portfolio companies.

“We want to automate administrative work, and enable our investment team to stay focused on sourcing and closing deals and working with our portfolio companies. We additionally want our back office team to be able to quickly pull insights from our portfolio companies’ reporting” said Ashley Sommerschield, GreatPoint Ventures’ COO.

After careful consideration, GreatPoint selected Standard Metrics to automate the collection, analysis and reporting of portfolio data.

GreatPoint now expects to collect more meaningful data, faster. 

Delivering investment insights just got easier

CFOs and COOs use Standard Metrics to collect the highest quality and volume of portfolio data in the shortest amount of time. Back office teams analyze standardized, auditable metrics to deliver insights that up the alpha with existing investments.

We love creating back office heroes.

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