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Automated Data Collection

Streamline your information requests and directly receive data from portfolio company integrations.


Interactive Analytics

Access, aggregate, and analyze metrics to make data-driven decisions on new or follow-on investments.


Flexible Reporting

Align your team and LPs on the data that matters through beautifully designed tear sheets and reporting templates.


Portfolio Collaboration

Centralize and take action on investor updates and asks to add more value to your portfolio companies.

Analyze your data and engage with founders in real-time

Centralize health and performance metrics of your companies, enabling better decision-making and collaboration between all stakeholders.

Streamline your data collection with rule-based automation, 1-click workflows, and direct integrations to portfolio company systems of record.

Provide powerful tooling to enable your portfolio companies to share data more easily and remove the friction from information requests.

Unlock deeper collaboration by connecting with all of your companies on a single platform, never losing track of metrics, updates, or asks.

Automated Data Collection


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Multiple flexible and powerful ways to ingest data


Direct data flow from portfolio company system integrations


Optional US-based managed data services team and board deck parsing

Portfolio & Fund Analytics


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Quantitative and qualitative data on a single platform


Robust analytics on financial and operational metrics, and investment details


Auto-calculated gross and net metrics through automatically pulled cash flow data



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Powerful, flexible report builder


Customizable asset tear sheets


Recurring quarterly report templates such as SOI and portfolio runway reports

A complete experience for complex institutions

Real-Time FX Rates

Track your investments in native currencies and normalize to your universal currency without worry.

Document Management

Access all of your mission-critical documents from a central repository.

Data Security

Have peace of mind knowing that your data is following the highest industry standards, SOC 2 Type II.

Central Source of Truth

Ensure that you’re always working on the latest, most complete dataset.


Connect Standard Metrics to all of your systems in the way you need.

Here’s what our customers say about us

Standard Metrics allows us to collaborate as a team and engage with founders in real-time. It has completely eliminated the friction associated with company reporting and communication.

Caroline Haun

Ops Director

Standard Metrics streamlined the data collection process for our portfolio companies which allows us to focus our resources on portfolio analytics and make data-driven decisions.

Ben Sanborn


We use Standard Metrics as our central source of truth to closely collaborate with our portfolio companies.

Karen Chan

Karen Chan

Portfolio Manager

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