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Collect more granular data

Access source data instead of aggregations to make more informed decisions.


Increase data quality

Remove the human element from data sharing for maximum accuracy.


Ditch spreadsheets and manual emails

Streamline low value tasks through automation.

Direct Integrations

  1. Reduce the reporting burden on your companies
  2. Enable companies to save time by integrating key systems
  3. View a complete audit trail of all metrics obtained from integrations

Information Requests

  1. Streamline quarterly collection cycles via rule based workflows
  2. Receive alerts on inconsistent data
  3. Request custom metrics and financial documents

Managed Data Services

  1. Let our experienced team handle all information requests
  2. Parse data from board decks without sacrificing resources
  3. Free up analyst resources for high-value tasks

Get more data, in a better way

Reach out today to understand how you can get more actionable data in less time with Standard Metrics.


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