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Increase stakeholder engagement

Tell your story to multiple stakeholders through both data and commentary.


Strengthen your investor relations

Turn your early believers into a real support network through consistent engagement.


Get more value from your shareholders

Send and track “asks” to keep your investors accountable and useful.

Investor Updates

  1. Build your brand and investor relations for your next fundraising round
  2. Pull relevant quantitative data into your report to support your qualitative commentary
  3. Increase investor engagement by sending targeted asks within investor updates

Stakeholder CRM

  1. Centralize and manage all of your stakeholder relationships
  2. Track your interactions to keep both sides accountable and engaged
  3. Push your investor updates to multiple stakeholders simultaneously

Collaborate with your stakeholders and build a community

Reach out today to learn how Standard Metrics can help you modernize your investor relations process and maximize stakeholder support.


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