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Company values


Take the next step

We bias towards action and progress. We build light processes and structures that let us move fast. Experimentation is encouraged in all things. Failing quickly is a feature of this value, not a bug, and we learn from mistakes that will inevitably be made.


Build good bones

When we commit to a direction, we seek to build foundations that will last and allow for future growth. That means we don’t cut corners if it means accruing undue debt and strive to create a product that will not only delight and empower our customers now, but for years to come.


Own the solution

We push the power to make decisions to those closest to the issue. Our team members don’t just challenge assumptions and identify problems, but come armed with solutions and the grit and follow through to see they are implemented.


Work in the open

Our belief in high transparency manifests itself not just in our product philosophy, but in the way we run our team. Our goal is to give both our customers and employees access to all the information they need to do their jobs well. We believe in being honest about the business, always explaining the why of important decisions, and providing thorough documentation for our remote team.

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Join the Team

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