• 5 Minutes

    Define Success

    What you want out of the meeting?

  • 40 Minutes

    Strategic Discussion

    Whats blocking you? What's the main bottleneck you need help with? What have you tried already? What is your current hypothesis?

  • 10 Minutes

    What's Next

    What other roadblocks might be coming up? What’s the next issue where proactive help from your investor could be helpful? How do you feel about the state of the business?

  • 5 Minutes

    General Business Update

    KPIs, Metrics, Forecast & Runway Mission and Vision


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As a recent entrepreneur, I know how critical having trust in your investors is. Now, I feel like I have a foot in both worlds. My founder experience is still fresh, but I can offer perspective from covered territory. When I joined First Round, I gave a lot of thought to the type of VC I want to be, and I decided to be one that wouldn’t hedge talking about mistakes and lessons hard won. I want to roll up my sleeves and leverage the skills that made me a good founder in the first place: I’m extremely data-driven, I believe all problems are solvable. I think creativity, teamwork and iteration can break through walls. Have a gnarly issue? Let’s hang out with a whiteboard for few hours and let’s jam.
Hayley Barna Partner at First Round Capital


Hayley Barna

Hayley Barna is a Partner based in New York. At First Round, Hayley has led investments in consumer companies including Mirror, Thirty Madison, Squad and Studs and B2B companies including Anvyl, Alma and Caper

Prior to joining First Round she co-founded Birchbox, the leading beauty and grooming retailer seed funded by First Round in 2010. She served as Co-CEO at Birchbox for five years from conception and launch to growing the business to over a million monthly subscribers. She also raised over $70M in venture capital, expanded the business internationally and launched new businesses and channels like men’s and retail stores. Hayley oversaw key functions including marketing, operations, strategy and technology.

Before launching Birchbox in 2010, Hayley received her MBA from Harvard Business School. She started her career as a strategy consultant at Bain & Company in New York. She also spent time at two very different ends of the retail spectrum through her roles in strategy at Christie’s in Hong Kong and product management at Amazon in Seattle.

Hayley Barna: First Round Working Sessions

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